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Changes to this Blog…

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Don’t worry! The changes aren’t limiting the wonder that is my blog!

In fact, the changes will expand my Naughty Thoughts at least 3-fold.

I decided that I’m not just going to review toys+ here.

Believe it or not, using toys+ for blogging-sake tends to take some of the fun out of the… well, fun.

But, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop reviewing completely!

I’m going to expand what I review!




Vape flavors!

Whatever else strikes my fancy!

As well as toys+!

I have two books lined up – one already ready for review – as well as a library full of books and a bunch of e-books, over 20 vape flavors from various companies (vapes in my world have surpassed the sexy of the cigarette), hundreds of recipes, some movies (probably older ones rather than new) and, of course, lots of toys and lube and adult movies and gear and lingerie.

Yes, this is still KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts. Trust me, naughty thoughts still go on in this wicked head of mine, and I never said the things I would review would be completely vanilla. More like chocolate chip mint, possibly rocky road…

You can also catch some of my naughtiness on KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts on Facebook and on Fetlife.

My rating system isn’t going to change, in case you were worried.

And I give this idea of changing the focus of the blog a

Card 10-2 (200x300)  out of Card 10 (216x300)

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Quick Update

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Changes, they are a-coming!

Actually, they are here!

I no longer work at the adult store. I had to suck it up and be a grown up and get a gig with benefits. So I had to leave Neverland for something more *cringe* vanilla.

But, not to fear! Not only do I still have my professional connections with Tantus, Pipedream, Baci, and others, but the owners of the megastore and I have been talking about them sponsoring me and my blog, which includes keeping my discount and receiving free toys+ to review.

I’ll keep you posted about that!

More reviews to come!

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System Jo Prize Bag

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Every once in a while, we at the store are given a challenge: sell the most X, win a prize from the company.

Last month, the X was items from the System JO line of products.

And I won first prize:

20150130_115038-1 In that bag is $250 worth of JO and DONA by JO products.

I haven’t opened it yet – I’m waiting for the boy to come over this weekend so we can do it together – but there was a note in the bag that let me know what was inside (click on the picture to see it clearer).

20150131_033408I will over the next few months be reviewing the items in the bag on this blog. Oh, the things I do for my fans!

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Free BDSM Workshop

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On Wednesday, January 7th, 2015 I will be running a free workshop at Nitecap Megastore called “Welcome to the Dungeon”.

I will be going over the basics of fetish-play and the world of BDSM, as well as some of the basic dos and don’ts of the fetish community.

There will be dungeon tools and accessories, there will be gift bags (for the first 10 students), there will be Q&A, there will be pictures (of me, at least, and anyone who would like to be in them!), there will be demonstrations and there will be lots of fun.

The workshop starts at 9pm at Nitecap Megastore, 690 Gulf Ave. Staten Island, NY 10312. Just come in and say you’re there for the workshop. You must be over 18, so make sure you have your ID!


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First Review… Maybe.

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I started blogging quite some time ago… in fact, it was a decade ago.

In 2004, I was introduced to a site called Live Journal… and now is when I realize with abject horror that some of you may have never even heard of such a site…


Anyway, back in the good old days, people used to write a LOT on LJ.  I wrote pages and pages of insight and would have a whole bunch of replies. I met a lot of great people and learned a lot of internet lessons on there (like that being honest somehow bothers people, and that a lot of people just want everyone to agree with them…).

And then Facebook and Twitter happened (yes, I’m skipping right over MySpace). And people just stopped talking… and worse, people just stopped reading.


So I shifted from the ramblings of life to the ramblings of writing, starting a blog (still on LJ) called Wench with Wrench. I linked it to my FB, but got little to no response.

Wrench2I then started a group on Facebook called KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts (it was called something else originally, but I can’t remember what…).

We (almost 300 of us) post silly things, random links, and crazy videos.

I also have a group on Fetlife called A Domina’s Search for Slaves and Servants. I have almost 300 people there (with very little crossover between the two sites). We have a lot of great conversations there too.


And so I got myself all ready to write my first review… and stalled.

This wasn’t just going to be me rambling about toys. It was more than just thumbs up, thumbs down. I was taking on a responsibility to teach people (upwards of 600, going by the following I have) about toys and how they would affect their bodies and sex life.

And I wasn’t sure if I could do it.

It is a curse of a writer to be unsure of their skills, and they usually have to have someone kick them in the ass to move forward with their work.

I got kicked yesterday; I’ll start my first review tomorrow.

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Hi There!

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“We are all born sexual creatures, thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe

I didn’t realize how accurate Ms. Marilyn was when she said this until I started working at an adult megastore in Staten Island, NY… but more on that later.

nyc-boroughs-map (287x300)

I’ve wanted to write an adult toy+ review blog for quite some time (I say “adult” because not all toys are about sex, although they are sexual in nature; I say “toy+” because there’s more out there than just the toys). This is why there has been a KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts group on Facebook for over a year (with almost 300 members!). I am already a writer: I have both novels and short stories published in almost every genre; you can see more about that on I am also a reviewer for Nth Degree Magazine.

0412NTHD (231x300)I actually think it’s at Nth Degree where I got a little spoiled. You see, I’m honest… painfully honest. When I was a teacher, I told my students to never just say something sucked, but to give a thought-out reason why. Thinking something sucked is fine, as long as you can back up your opinion. I am the same way with my opinions, but with the extreme pressure to be a mutual appreciation society in cyberspace, honest critiquing isn’t much appreciated. But Michael, editor of Nth Degree, likes my honesty, letting me review books, movies, and events for the ‘zine, even to the point of letting me review his own convention Ravencon.

Unfortunately, toy companies don’t feel the same way, I’ve learned.

When I first started working at the megastore, a representative from a high-end toy company offered a co-worker and me each a toy to try out and review. I’ll give that review at another time, but the short version is that I did not like it.

So, when the company asked for my critique, I was thorough and honest… and I never heard from them again.

My point? That incident actually temporarily stopped me from pursuing this adventure of toy reviews. I mean, what was the point of reviewing toys if companies were going to get insulted by it?

But then I started reading blogs, such as Hey Epiphora, The Redhead Bedhead, Ruffled Sheets, and Dangerous Lilly as well as a handful of others. Oh my gawd, I love these reviewers! Honest, direct, and funny, they don’t hold back when it comes to reviews and talking about their bodies.

Now before you think I’m saying the painfully annoying “If they can do it, so can I” thing, understand that my concern wasn’t over could I do it, but if anyone would appreciate my work if I did. And by ‘appreciate’, I mean would people want an honest opinion that they can learn from and use my opinions to make intelligent purchases in the future. I also wondered if adult companies would welcome a critical voice; I’m not saying I’d be critical about everything, but when I don’t like something…

So anyway, why do I think I would be a different, fresh voice in the adult toy blogger world? Well, here’s a little about me:
KTbanner1) I am 41 years old. I figured I’d get that out of the way right from the start.  Life has jaded me just a bit, but has also made me very aware of what my body wants and likes.
2) I am a Dominatrix. I have been trained in various forms of domination and submission, but my specialty is Sensual Domination. In 2013, I did a podcast on No Boundaries talking all about it. If you’d like to hear it, you can find it on my site here.
3) I am a Hedonist. Pleasure for pleasure’s sake and all that…
4) I am a Kinkster, but not a fetishist (a fetish is when an item or activity has to be done to reach climax; a kink is something to enhance sexual fun). I have no fetishes, but possibly a few hundred kinks.
5) I am an Educator. I have a degree from St. John’s University (I’m sure the nuns would be so proud!) in secondary education, and have been head of the education departments of both non-profit and commercial organizations. I have trained people to become doms and subs, I lecture at conventions about alternate lifestyles, adult toys & accessories and BDSM, and I regularly educate customers at the megastore and in private workshops about toys, lubes, movies, apparatuses, etc.
6) I have a boyfriend. I know this in itself isn’t unique (although it is for me), but he is much younger than I am (and will be called ‘the boy’ from here forward) and is only now – due my influence – dipping his toe into the world of toys+. So his perspective on things would be an interesting newbie twist with some couples toys+, male toys+ and gadgets we use together.
7) I have a small handful of slaves and subs in the kink world. It’s with them that I would use kink toys+ (such as CBT apparatuses and electroplay gear) that the boy wouldn’t want to use.
8) I enjoy paranormal erotica. I write it, I read it, and I hope to review it and other manuals/sex books.
9) I like old school classic porn and parodies. I’m not really big into the modern day compilations of dicks and pussy, but give me an odd 70s/80s storyline or a title that starts “This Ain’t…” and I’m glued to my chair… so to speak.
10) I’m a curvy girl. The doctor’s have called me ‘morbidly obese’, but I honestly think those are terms made to scare people. There’s nothing morbid about my size unless I’m wearing my goth clothes. I’m 5’7.5″, and clothing size-wise, I’m a size 14 in pants, but I’m also an XL in women’s t-shirts, L in men’s t-shirts, 2X – 3X in retro clothing (I am a ’50s girl!), a size 16 in modern dresses. That doesn’t really help, huh? It does make clothes shopping a bitch (including for lingerie). The best way to clarify my size (besides pictures, which you can find in abundance on my Facebook) is by my measurements: 42 (37DD)-36-46. Yes, there’s a ten inch difference between my waist and my hips…
11) I’m a toy snob. Working at an adult megastore will do that to you. This means low-end toys have to work really hard at impressing me and high-end toys, when they disappoint, will do so royally because I hold them to a much higher standard.
12) I work and live in what I call the “Guido Trifecta”. If you travel east or west from my house and watch the citizenry, you’ll quickly realize that the shows Jersey Shore and Mob Wives aren’t really exaggerating the truth in what they show. These are inevitably the people to whom Ms. Marilyn was referring. There are times at the megastore where I feel that if I have to deal with one more male stereotype who thinks spit is a perfectly good lube for anal (it’s not! Don’t do it!) or a female stereotype who won’t look at toys+ because her man would never allow her to use them (allow? allow?!?), my head would explode.

But then there are other times when I get the housewife who is timidly picking out lingerie to surprise her husband, or the construction worker who is going to try receiving anal for the first time, or the grandmother who came in with her lady friends to pick out their first vibrators… these are the people I enjoy helping, and these are the types of people I hope will read this blog, and will start or continue to explore and embrace their sexuality… and perhaps others’ as well! 😉

I am going to try to blog on a regular basis (notice I didn’t give an exact time frame) and we’ll see where things go from there…

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