Review: G-Vibe

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This was a gift given to me by one of the customers at the store. I was told I could choose any toy in the store and they would pay for it.

So I chose the G-Vibe by Fun Toys.

I honestly chose it because of the packaging.


I’d never had a V-shaped toy before, and just in case I wasn’t sure about the many ways it could be used, it came with this handy instruction pamphlet:


Here are the stats:
Overall length: 9 1/2″.
Insertable length: 6″.
Arms length: 3 1/2″
Base width: 4 1/4″ around.
Arm width: 2 3/4″ around.

I’ve been told that there are ten levels of speed (I dunno, I just hold the + button to the fastest) and there are six different pulsations:

from their site
from the Fun Toys site

Other perks:
1) It’s rechargeable!
2) It’s silicone (water based lube only!)
3) Motors at the tips of the arms; makes for wonderful clit vibage!
4) The arms open up to feel like a thick toy, but are light and bendy!
5) Really fast speeds!
6) Very versatile!

I’m very fussy when it comes to pulsations, and the G-Vibe has a couple of weird ones. One of them I think is supposed to be a wave, but it feels more like the toy is dying and then picks up speed again. Not fun for me at all!

But the straight speed… wow! And when you put both arms of the toy inside, it hits both my G-spot and the back wall (I dunno the official name for it, but it it’s the front-side of my backside) it feels really good!

So then I had a thought… let’s try it on the boy!

I turned it upside down and slid it on the boy, the arms on either side of his shaft and the base of the V resting against his head. Being that he is not familiar with toys, I started with a slower speed and stayed away from the pulsations. The boy really liked it. And he liked it more the faster the speed. He also liked when I put the tip of the arm on his tip, although he liked the other way better.

It’s like we’re twins!

My Rating:

Card 9 (198x300)     out of   Card 10 (216x300)

The G-vibe is almost perfect! It was just those weird vibes that made it not a perfect 10.

You can (EDIT: you can’t purchase through their site) find out more about the G-Vibe at the Fun Toys site or you can visit me at the megastore and I can help you!  😀

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