Changes to this Blog…

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Don’t worry! The changes aren’t limiting the wonder that is my blog!

In fact, the changes will expand my Naughty Thoughts at least 3-fold.

I decided that I’m not just going to review toys+ here.

Believe it or not, using toys+ for blogging-sake tends to take some of the fun out of the… well, fun.

But, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop reviewing completely!

I’m going to expand what I review!




Vape flavors!

Whatever else strikes my fancy!

As well as toys+!

I have two books lined up – one already ready for review – as well as a library full of books and a bunch of e-books, over 20 vape flavors from various companies (vapes in my world have surpassed the sexy of the cigarette), hundreds of recipes, some movies (probably older ones rather than new) and, of course, lots of toys and lube and adult movies and gear and lingerie.

Yes, this is still KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts. Trust me, naughty thoughts still go on in this wicked head of mine, and I never said the things I would review would be completely vanilla. More like chocolate chip mint, possibly rocky road…

You can also catch some of my naughtiness on KT Pinto’s Naughty Thoughts on Facebook and on Fetlife.

My rating system isn’t going to change, in case you were worried.

And I give this idea of changing the focus of the blog a

Card 10-2 (200x300)  out of Card 10 (216x300)

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