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Affiliates and what they mean…

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Guess what? A company was brave enough to step forward and affiliate themselves with me and my blog… way sooner than I ever expected!

And I am happy to announce that Tantus Inc. has decided to become a part of the KT Pinto experience!

What does this mean? This means that Tantus now graces my page as an affiliate, with a happy little link that you can easily click on to buy some great things. By using this link, I get credit for pointing you in their direction.

———–> TANTUS<————–

How does this affect my reviews of their products? It doesn’t. As I have said before, I am a brutal reviewer, and when it comes to a company whose product I like, I am even harsher because I expect more from them.

So if I come across a product of Tantus’ (or any future affiliates’) and it’s not up to par, I will say so… a lot.


This was simply a public service message to let you know that my integrity doesn’t change because there’s an ad on my sidebar. But I do encourage other companies to test that theory by becoming affiliates as well…

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