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Review: Baci’s Ruffle Mesh Nightie (White Collection)

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Believe it or not, sometimes it’s very difficult to find clothes when you have a natural hour-and-a-half-glass shape. Many times the clothes either don’t taper in to show off my waist, or don’t flare outward to accommodate my hips.

And don’t get me started about how companies don’t realize that naturally large breasts need support to be perky…

So I was a little wary to try any lingerie, let alone review it.

Then I saw the Baci line of lingerie.

There were a few things I really liked about the collection right away. First of all, they had a full “plus-sized” collection, in both Queen (size 16-20) and Diva (size 22-24). Although I am a size 14, I looked through the options in the Queen size (lingerie tends to run small).

They had a lot of options of styles for various body types. Halter dresses, chemises, baby dolls, nighties, body stockings, naughty costumes, various types of panties… in various colors and patterns.

Their packaging is also unique. Each box has a picture that seems to capture the model in the middle of a scene from a romance novel.

The sets, the lighting, the poses… it all hints towards romance and sophistication, not indecency and raunchiness (one complaint; sometimes they don’t have a plus model on the plus products… especially on their ‘Dreams’ line).

The Ruffle Mesh Nightie is part of their White Collection: a gorgeous purple with black ruffles that flares out slightly from the chest to the hips. The outfit is made of nylon with a little bit of spandex for stretch appeal.

“How do I look?”

I liked the way it fit (although there was minimal support for my chest) and it was incredibly comfortable. I didn’t have the urge to tug on it or hide parts that I don’t feel look good like I normally do with lingerie. It was made for my curves, showing what I want to show and hiding what I didn’t.

One complaint: the ‘straps’. Sadly, they weren’t straps at all. They were flimsy spaghetti strips that were sewn on with minimal stitching. There was no way to adjust the strips that I could see except to tie the excess in a knot on each side.

I wore it on one of the first evenings with the Boy, and in my haste to put it on, I gave the nightie a pull to put cover my breasts and ping! there went one strap. Then when the Boy gave me a snuggle… ping!

I know lingerie should be easy to tear off, but some effort should have to be made!

But the best proof of good lingerie is where it winds up at the start of the evening:

Proof of good lingerie!

My Rating:
Card 8 (208x300) out of  Card 10 (216x300)

Although I liked the feel and look of the nightie, the straps really let me down, literally and figuratively!

You can purchase the Ruffle Mesh Nightie at Baci’s website or you can visit me at the megastore and I can help you out! :)

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