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Review: Pixels

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Directed by: Chris Columbus
Produced by: Adam Sandler, Chris Columbus
Based on the animated short Pixels by Patrick Jean
Adam Sandler – Sam Brenner
Kevin James – President Will Cooper
Michelle Monaghan – Violet Van Patten
Peter Dinklage – Eddie Plant
Josh Gad – Ludlow Lamonsoff
Ashley Benson – Lady Lisa
Jane Krakowski – First Lady Jane Cooper
Production company: Happy Madison Productions, 1492 Pictures
Release date: July 24, 2015
Running time 106 minutes
Budget $88 million

I decided that I was going to see this movie from the moment I saw the poster at the movie theater. We were there to see the rather horrific The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies when I looked up and saw the poster of the Atari-era Pac Man chowing down on San Francisco.

Then I noticed the other ones: Donkey Kong literally barreling down on Tokyo, Centipedes (my favorite game of all time) flying over London, a Galaga bug descending on Sydney and Space Invaders towering over Paris, and I was hooked. I was seeing that movie no matter what.

Before I got too enamored on a movie that was only an idea on a poster, I decided to watch the short film that the movie was based on, created by Patrick Jean (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugV6cLgwomo). Now I really had to see the movie.
At this point, I still knew nothing about it except that video game characters from my childhood were going to attack the planet.
Then the cast was announced and the premise set. Adam Sandler and Kevin James in a ghostbuster-esque adventure. This was easily going to be really, really good, or very, very bad.

It was happily the former.

True, the story was a bit weak, and there were some “mistakes” with the arcade characters, which I think was more creative license than actual errors, and there was one big inconsistency in the plot twist which will grate mostly on the arcade geeks who mastered these games when they first came out. But that is completely overshadowed by the wonderful cheesiness of the alien invaders, the human heroes, and Sandler himself.

If you’re interested in seeing a serious, in depth movie with a moral message, this is not it. But, if you are looking for a fun movie with a very easy to follow storyline, great cameo appearances, many muscular men in uniform, and many scenes where you can play “Name That Video Game”, than this is perfect for you!

My Rating:

Card 10 (216x300)   out of  

I can’t help it! This movie is cheesy, funny, and gives you a face-paced trip down memory lane with great characters played by funny actors.

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