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Review: Midnight Munchies

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(For those of you wondering why this review is on my blog, go here and here).

Like I mentioned before, I like vaping because of all the flavors. The more realistic the flavor, the better. The fact since (almost) all of the juices I vape are 0mg nicotine, the flavors should be crisp and clean and delicious.

So now I present to you Midnight Munchies.

Midnight Munchies
Midnight Munchies

Name: Midnight Munchies
Company: Puf Cigs
Flavor: Peanut Butter and Banana
Nicotine: 0mg
PG/VG %: Unknown (I contacted the company for the information)
Color: Clear
Smell: Sweet peanut butter
Vapor Taste: The taste is first a hit of peanut butter, with a subtle banana chaser. The peanut butter taste isn’t thick, but is strong, and it is very similar to the flavor of a well made peanut butter banana sandwich.
Throat Hit: Mild; nice hit of peanut butter sweetness.

My Rating:

Card 9 (198x300)   out of     Card 10 (216x300)

Strong, but not overpowering or thick, flavor that is true-to-real.
A good way to cure the munchies.

To see all of Puf Cigs flavors and products go to their site.

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Stop! Hammer Vape!

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(For those of you wondering why this review is on my blog, go here.)

Once upon a time, smoking was sexy.  Seeing stars like James Dean, Audrey Hepburn, Bette Davis, and Clark Gable talking around a cigarette between their lips or punctuating their words with a cloud of smoke was exotic and sensual.

Clark Gable & Joan Crawford smoking in the 1934 film Chained.

But then there’s the whole downside to smoking, which I really don’t need to go into.

Now there’s vaping.

I’m going to try to explain this without sounding like a sales pitch. Vaping is basically taking liquid nicotine (mine actually has no nicotine in it, so it’s propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine), soaking cotton with it, and turning on coils in the vape to turn the liquid into vapor. That’s what you then inhale.

Many people use it to stop smoking, since the liquid nicotine is set up as a step-down system. They start with a higher level of nicotine – 24g, for example – and then work their way down to eventually 0g.

I use it because I like the flavors. It keeps the munchies at bay, to inhale chocolate chip mint flavored vapor without all the calories of ice cream (mmmmmm, ice cream…)

So, one of my review focuses will be nicotine flavors. It’s amazing how many different companies are now out there.

My collection of vape flavors.

I’m going to be testing out vape flavors on my Hammer mechanical mod.

20150506_202500-1 (640x411)

I don’t have much to say about the mod. I liked the shape and heft of it, I saw it on line, I bought it. The build (the set up of the wires in the chamber) was done by Stephen Pappalardo, manager of General Vape (2001 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island). It’s been a while since I had it done, so I should go back and pretty please him into doing it again for me…

So keep an eye out for my first flavor review…

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